The mission of University Housing is to provide attractive, safe, secure, comfortable and affordable housing that will foster an environment to promote the development of godly Christian leaders.

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Housing styles & cost

Traditional Dorm Style Housing

Standard Room:

Douglas North , South Fraser, North Fraser: Double occupancy, communal washroom for 14-16 Click here for sample Floor Plan

Douglas 6,7: Double occupancy, bathroom shared by two adjoining rooms click here for sample Floor Plan

Northwest: Double occupancy, bathroom shared by two adjoining rooms   click here for sample Floor Plan (keep in mind that Northwest only has bunk beds)

Economy Room:

Douglas 2/3, 4/5, 8/9: Double occupancy in older, marginally smaller room, communal washroom; at a reduced cost.

Overview (click on Residence):

Douglas Hall

Northwest Hall

Fraser Hall

*2017-2018 Current Room Rates for the Academic Year (Fall & Spring combined) CDN
SINGLE Additional $2000

*Rates subject to approval by the ELT.

Please note that housing deposits are refundable until June 1st for the Fall and October 1st for the Spring semesters.

Note: Meal Plan is mandatory with Traditional Dorm Style Housing. To view meal plan options/costs, please click here.

Community Residence

Students must meet ONE of the following requirements to apply for Community Residence:

  • 57+ credits
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Have lived on campus for four semesters (not including summer)

Structured to provide students with a community living situation that allows for preparation of meals. Bathroom shared between 4 residents.

Fraser/McMillan Apartments
Provides for independent living in 1 or 2 bedroom apartments.

*2017/18 Rates

Robson (2 person) $2423
1 Bedroom (2 person) $2435
2 Bedroom (3 person) $2350
2 Bedroom (4 person) $1763
Globe (2 person) $1984
Douglas CLA room $2321
Northwest CLA room  (2 person) $2321
Northwest Bachelor Suites  (3 person) $1785

Note:  Furniture included