Previous Winners

Plaques for Awards are on display in the Office of the Provost.

The Davis Distinguished Teaching Award

The Davis Distinguished Teaching Award (named after Dr. Ken Davis, prior Vice President, Academic) is intended to recognize annually an undergraduate faculty member who has demonstrated a high level of excellence in the craft of teaching and has made a significant contribution to the pedagogical life of the University. It is awarded to a faculty member who has:

  • A reputation for superior teaching including the ability to stimulate engagement and enduring, transformational growth, and use of exemplary assessment practices that establish high standards and support student learning.
  • Evidence of successful teaching and learning strategies, sensitivity to students’ varying learning needs, creation of a positive and inclusive learning environment, and effective communication skills.
  • Demonstrated Christian influence and/or the ability to effectively integrate and nurture a faith informed perspective related to the discipline or way of knowing.
  • Evidence of educational leadership through sharing of their expertise and inspiring others to improve teaching and student learning.


2022 – Prof. Andrea Orr - Nursing
2021 – Prof. Louis Bielmann, Business 
2020 – Dr. Chadron M. Friesen, Chemistry 
2019 – Prof. Tracy Stephen, Nursing
2018 – Dr. Michael Buchner, Human Kinetics
2017 – Dr. Chuck Macknee, Psychology
2016 – Prof. Angela Konrad, Theatre
2015 – Prof. Heather Meyerhoff, Nursing
2014 – Dr. Kent Clarke, Religious Studies
2013 – Prof. Calvin Townsend, Political Studies
2012 – Prof. Kevin Sawatsky, Business
2011 – Dr. Allan Thorpe, Music
2011 – Dr. Allyson Jule, Education
2010 – Dr. Robynne Healey, History
2009 – Prof. Aaron Caleb, Theatre
2008 – Dr. Landa Terblanche, Nursing
2007 – Dr. Jonathan Dawn, Religious Studies
2006 – Dr. Harold Faw, Psychology
2006 – Dr. Barbara Pell, English
2005 – Dr. Holly Nelson, English
2004 – Dr. Grant Havers, Philosophy
2003 – Dr. Joanne Pepper, Religious Studies
2002 – Dr. Bruce Shelvey, History
2002 – Dr. Craig Montgomery, Chemistry
2000 – Dr. Barbara Pesut, Nursing

The Provost Innovative Teaching Award

The award for innovation in teaching is intended to recognize and encourage experimentation and innovation and is meant to acknowledge a faculty member who is researching and adapting new methods to improve student learning. It is awarded to a faculty member who:

  • Researches and introduces new and creative ways to engage students in the classroom not common to the discipline, or, if common, used reflectively and robustly to their full potential.
  • Creates teaching materials such as games, simulations, case studies, textbooks, etc., that engage students innovatively and are (or can be) shared with other faculty within and outside of the institution.
  • Engages students in learning activities that encourage enduring and transformative learning, resulting in students contributing to disciplinary knowledge or creating a product for public sharing or developing a response to a pressing societal need.
  • Develops (or collaborates in the development of) innovative curriculum, course design, or redesign that offers an alternative and enriching approach to disciplinary learning or way of knowing. 


2022 – Dr. Heather Strong - Nursing
2021 – Prof. Anne Redmond, Nursing
2020 – Prof. Nina Pak Lui, Education
2019 – Dr. Carolyn Kristjansson, Linguistics
2018 – Dr. Kelly Arbeau, Psychology
2017 – Dr. Sara Pearson, English
2016 – Prof. Slava Petlitsa, World Languages and Cultures
2015 – Prof. Loranne Brown, Communications
2014 – Prof. Jani McKay, Business
2013 – Dr. Matthew Etherington, Education
2012 – Prof. Daryl Page, Human Kinetics
2011 – Dr. Bruce Shelvey, History
2010 – Dr. Claudia Launhardt, Anthropology
2009 – Dr. Alma Barranco-Mendoza, Computing Science
2009 – Dr. Kevin Schut, Communications
2008 – Dr. Mark McKay, Business
2007 – Prof. Vic Cavalli, English
2007 – Dr. Dennis Venema, Biology
2005 – Dr. Ruth Anaya, Communications
2004 – Dr. Kimberly Franklin, Education
2003 – Prof. Lynn Szabo, English
2003 – Prof. Bill Badke, Library Services
2000 – Dr. Norman Klassen, English
2000 – Dr. Jens Zimmermann, English