Academic Advising

Go to the Academics page. Bookmark this page for the future. Under Account, click on “find advisor.” You will have to login with your TWU Pass.

The last day you can change classes is two weeks into the semester. To find the specific date, click here.

On the main advising page, scroll down and you will see “Program Checklists.” Choose the year that you started to see the right checklist.

Yes! Many students explore options for majors up to and including semester three. It’s a good idea to take different types of courses to find what you like. To discuss your strengths and think more about your future career, see the Centre for Calling and Career Development.

Go online to the Service Hub or visit the Service Hub in person in the Student Life office of the Langley campus.

Your Program Checklist and your Course Needs Advising Sheet will give you a breakdown of all your credit requirements and if they have been met to complete your degree. To view your course needs, go to the Academics page and look under Graduation. Also visit the Graduation webpage.

Up until the add/drop deadline, you simply go into your course registration to add or drop courses. After the deadline though, fill out the Add/Drop form. If you make a course change after add/drop, there is a fee. If you drop a course after week 2, you receive only a partial refund. See the refund policy.

Go to the main advising webpage, and in the top menu, you can choose “Change my major.” You will have to log in. If you are not sure what code to choose for your major, of if you have questions about the differences, make an appointment with your advisor. When you click to choose your major, this sets the direction for your future graduation, so it is really important!