Exam Accommodations

Located on the second floor of Norma Marion Alloway Library, the Centre for Accessible Learning houses the offices of the Academic Specialists. The CAL is where many of the students who have exam accommodations write exams.

What are Exam Accommodations?

Depending upon the type of disability, specialists’ recommendations, and course or program requirements, many students with disabilities have accommodations related to writing exams, including, but not limited to:

  • Extended time on exams.
  • Use of a computer for written components of exams.
  • Use of a computer with specialized software (i.e. voice recognition, word prediction).
  • Use of a calculator or spell checker for exams.
  • Distraction-reduced exam setting.

Most of the students who utilize accommodations of this type will write their exams in the Centre for Accessible Learning.

Who writes exams in the CAL?

Students may write exams in the Centre for Accessible Learning once they have met with the Director of Accessible Learning and it is determined that exam accommodations are required.

How do I go about writing exams in the CAL?

  • As soon as a student receives notification of exam dates/times he or she must email the Accessibility Specialist requesting to write the exam in the Exam Centre.
  • The information a student needs to forward to the Accessibility Specialist is: course name and number, professor’s name, and date and time of exam.

What Does Writing an Exam in the CAL Look Like?

The CAL is a quiet facility that provides a staff-monitored and distraction-reduced setting for writing exams.

  • Students should come to the CAL 5-10 minutes before it is time to write their exam.
  • Outer wear is to be hung on coat rack.
  • In the CAL, all backpacks, purses, and other carry bags must be stored away from the main writing area.
  • Cell phones and PDAs are to be turned off and stored away from the main writing area.
  • Snacks are allowed in the CAL, provided they are eaten quietly and the snack itself is not a problem (i.e. allergenic) for others.
  • In order to protect exam integrity as well as provide a distraction-reduced environment, there is to be no talking between students writing exams.
  • When the exam time is finished, the completed exam is placed in an envelope, the envelope is sealed and the student signs across the seal. The exam is then returned, by TWU staff, to the course professor.

Exams are generally written at the same time as the class writes an exam with, should it be an agreed upon accommodation, allowances made for extra time.