Success Coaching

Success Coaches can help you grow in confidence about your learning and your academic identity. We can help you: 

  • discover how you learn best 
  • motivate yourself for success 
  • create a strategic academic plan 
  • incorporate productive habits for time management, research & writing, and exam preparation 
  • embrace accountability 

 And more!

Yes! Success Coaching is open to ALL students in the Fall and Spring semesters.

It's free for a single session – just book an appointment here. To benefit from coaching every week for the semester, register for SKLS 003 ($500 fee). 

Study Skills is a non-credit class. It helps you become aware of what it takes to face the rigors of university academics and how to understand yourself as a learner.

SKLS 001 is open to all students and is offered in the fall and spring semesters. The cost is $195.

Register just like you do any other course. Look for SKLS 001 (Study Skills class) and SKLS 003 (Success Coach) and add them to your registration.

Learning Coaching (Richmond)

You will be assigned a regular Learning Coach for your terms in WRTG 101 and ENGL 101. You must use your mytwu.ca email to sign up in the new system and locate your coach’s schedule and choose an available time that fits your schedule.

You must attend at least one per week to qualify for full participation marks and can book a second appointment if you need extra help with worksheets and tasks for WRTG 101 and ENGL 101 or help with another course assignment.

Yes, there will be workshops available to help you with certain assignments or if your instructors notice you have certain issues or struggles with assignments or completing assignments.

Yes, the contract is required by your Instructor and will make your responsibilities and the role of the coach clearer for you! It may also answer some of the FAQ’s!

The focus of the coaches is to help you complete your weekly worksheets and tasks for WRTG 101 and ENGL 101 but you can book for help with assignments for other classes.

No, try to book one early in the week and the other midweek or later. If you get extra help for a task or worksheet complete the worksheet or task and get it checked later in the week for your full participation marks. Do not book 2 appointments in a row or back to back on the same day!

It is important to try the work yourself and if you need help, sign up for help with questions. If you attempt to complete the work and mostly complete it you will receive full marks. If you do not try the work and or complete only half of it you will not receive full marks. If you are confused about how to begin the worksheet or task, you can get help and complete it for later in the week.

Yes, if you are taking extra classes or working part time and have difficulty finding a time that fits your schedule, then talk to your coach about finding alternative times that would work for you.

Please feel free to email Joshua Park the Director of the Learning Commons in Richmond at Joshua.Park@twu.ca about all general inquiries and concerns!