Arts, Media + Culture


In TWU’s Arts, Media + Culture program, we invite our students to take risks, exploring both the boundaries of their disciplines and issues of faith and meaning.

For students interested in pursuing connections between and amongst the arts, SAMC offers an arts, media and culture degree which allows for a variety of possible combinations of courses in art, film, and music. 

The major in arts, media, and culture can take several configurations, chosen by the student: 

  • students choose 2 or 3 areas of study from the following: art + design, film studies (media + communication), and music 
  • if choosing 2 areas, students do a concentration (30 s.h.) in each.
  • if choosing 3 areas, students do a concentration (30 s.h.) in one, a minor (24 s.h.) in a second, and 6 s.h. in the third.
  • SAMC 420 (London and Paris Travel Study) is highly recommended in the summer after third or fourth year; it would count as part of the University’s core requirements as an IDIS 400 equivalent/substitute 


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Careers in Arts, Media + Culture

A degree in communications prepares you for a variety of inspiring careers in: 

  • Journalism 
  • Film 
  • Television 
  • Advertising 
  • Public relations 

It is also a highly valuable degree in the fields of business, law, and post-graduate education.