Get Involved

Take the next step to get further involved and participate in the university’s vision to equip graduates for life.

We are all called to use the gifts, talents, and resources that God has given us to serve others. Alumni have a rich history of sharing their gifts, time, and expertise to equip each other and the next generation of future graduates. The TWU Alumni office desires to continue this culture of serving by providing and facilitating opportunities for alumni to get further involved. Learn more about ways you can come alongside the university to recruit prospective students, equip current students, and launch graduating students for the good of the world and the glory of God.

RECRUIT Prospective Students

Do you know someone that might be a great prospective student at TWU? Do you have connections or networks to reach a group of prospective students? There are many ways that you can support TWU’s recruitment efforts, such as:

  • Refer a prospective student to our undergraduate or graduate programs.
  • Introduce leaders and influencers to TWU within your network that can provide opportunities to reach a group of students (high schools, churches, camps, business partnerships, etc.)
  • Join an Admissions Recruiter at a high school fair in your area as an Alumni rep.

EQUIP Current Students

Are you interested in financially supporting current students so they can continue being equipped at TWU? There are many options such as:

  • TWU Student Impact Fund – Give a one-time or monthly donation to make an impact in the lives of students through student scholarships, campus enhancement, and student life.
  • Named Scholarships – Create an Endowed or Annual Award to leave a legacy. You name the award, decide who qualifies, and how it will be funded.
  • Campaign Giving – Support a specific project that advances the mission and vision of TWU such as the Centre for Calling and Career Development, Capital Campaigns, Digital Infrastructure, or the Upstream Wellness Initiative.

LAUNCH Graduating Students

Do you remember what it was like to graduate and step into your career? What support did you receive? There are many ways that you can play a part in launching graduating students such as:

  • Offering advice, wisdom, or mentorship to a current student or early alum within your field of expertise.
  • Advertise internships or job opportunities through your employer or business.
  • Open your career networks to graduating students or early alum within your industry.