Why leadership


Successful organizations have well-equipped leaders at every level.

In a rapidly changing world, the only constant is the need for effective leadership. Amid the competing demands of cultural shifts, demographic change and technological development, just being a good manager isn’t enough.

TWU’s BA in Leadership will equip you with cutting-edge leadership tools to make a difference in your workplace, organization, club and home. In the classroom, you’ll learn how to motivate colleagues, mobilize the workforce, manage conflict and more, as part of an engaging learning experience that you can immediately take into your everyday life.

Many adults in their fields are already specialized through years of experience in the workforce, yet have not finished their degree. Leadership goes hand-in-hand with the specialized study and experience that you already possess, giving you as a Leadership graduate an advantage in the marketplace. Not only will academic training in leadership complement the experience you already bring to the table, but a completed degree means stronger credibility among your peers and increased consideration for promotions.