Why Psychology?

For communities and organizations to thrive, people’s mental and emotional needs must be met in an intentional, methodological manner. 

Advocacy for social, emotional, and mental well-being is happening in every sector and industry. There is growing recognition that neglecting people’s psychological needs has ripple effects in homes, schools, communities, and the workplace—and extends to the rest of the globe. As government and non-government organizations increase funding for wellness programs, the need for professionals in the helping professions is growing.

TWU’s BA in Psychology is an interdisciplinary blend of psychology, sociology, and human services coursework, while also allowing you to explore faith-informed perspectives. It gives you a theoretical foundation but, as a bonus, also includes practicum placements and an applied final project.

This combination of theory and practice will make your degree and learned skills highly marketable across a variety of careers. You can also use the degree for acceptance into counselling graduate schools, most of which now require that students have at least two years of experience in the field. 

The BA in Psychology degree is convenient for working adults. It is delivered fully online, because it’s your time, your place, your life.