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Tuscumbia, Alabama, 1880. After a mysterious illness leaves nineteen month-old Helen Keller deaf and blind, she is left to grow up in a world of silence and darkness. Fighting to be free from this dense fog, her increasingly wild behaviour leaves her family desperate and helpless. With no help or answers from doctors about how to reach her, their last hope is a doctor in Boston, who sends young Annie Sullivan, herself visually impaired and haunted by her past, to teach Helen.

From the start, the relationship is rocky and sometimes violent. How will Annie reach into Helen’s world to bring her to the surface? Will Annie be freed from the darkness of her memories? Is communication possible?

Based on Helen Keller’s autobiography, The Story of My Life, The Miracle Worker captures the tumultuous and revelatory first month of Helen and Annie’s life-long relationship. Miracles do happen.

Featuring: Bailey Froese, Mara Hanley, Nathanael Hanley, Tatiana Hanley, Leighton Hoffman, Sentimongla Longkumer, Kiara Louw, Valerie Mihelic, Grace Moore, Aagaaz Sandhu, Madison Willoughby, and Tahlia Wine

Stage Management: Alex Walker, Lorin Scaiano, and Kiara Louw

Set Design: Andrew Potts

Costume Design: Kerri Norris

Lighting Design: Keagan Elrick

Promo photo credits: Jef Gibbons

About SAMC Theatre

With four distinct theatrical productions, SAMC Theatre aims to stretch students while providing quality cultural experience and enlightening entertainment to audiences on campus and beyond.

SAMC Theatre also hosts 24 Hour Theatre, class recitals, and a late-night, bi-weekly improv comedy show called 11:07, alternate Friday nights guessed it...11:07. Tickets are $3 and are available at the door.