Fitness Memberships


Fitness Centre memberships for staff, faculty, and students are free. A valid student/staff card is required to enter. Memberships include use of the weight room, showers, and lockers (when available).

Please note fitness classes are not included in Fitness Centre memberships. To see a list of fitness classes and their rates, go to Fitness & Martial Arts.

  Students & Staff TWU Family TWU Alumni Community

Year* (From purchase date)

Free $150 $220 $325

Semester* (Fall or Spring)

Free $60 $85 $150

Summer* (May to August)

Free $60 $75 $100
25 visits* Free $57 $57 $100
10 visits* Free $27 $27 $45
Drop-in Free $3 $3 $5

* A one-time $10.50 card fee will be charged the first time you sign up for a membership.

Membership Definitions

TWU Alumni  Any person who has completed 15 or more semester hours at TWU
Recent Graduates Any individual who has graduated in the previous semester. The Recent Graduate's rate only applies for the semester or summer immediately following their graduation
TWU Family Spouse or dependent family members who live in the same household as a current TWU employee or student. Proof of address will be required
Community     Anyone who does not fit under any other membership groups and is not a current student or staff/faculty member. To best serve our students, only a limited number of community passes will be available.