FNDN 101


Available each semester, FNDN 101 is a one-credit core course designed to help new students transition to TWU by providing an introduction to a Christian Liberal Arts education as well as imparting knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will set up students for success in university study. During weekly classes, students engage content through small groups, lectures, and coursework. Some topics covered in FNDN 101 include:

  • Time management
  • Understanding TWU's inquiry-based learning model
  • Personal strength inventories
  • Student learning outcomes
  • Study skills development
  • Stress management
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Academic planning
  • Personal sustainment of wellness and vitality in a university environment


Academic Engagement: Students will be presented with the main concepts guiding a Christian Liberal Arts Education. Students will also be challenged to take ownership of their academic learning and to think strategically about their educational opportunities.
University Orientation: Students will be introduced to the TWU community, academic expectations, extra-curricular opportunities, and social experiences. They will be invited to engage with the TWU community in a variety of ways.
Personal Exploration: Students will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and how their unique interets can shape their personal and academic journey. They will be encouraged to consider how they can foster whole-person growth by pursuing spiritual, emotional and physical wellness while at TWU.
Skill Development: Students will be challenged to develop the foundational skills necessary for success at university. Students will have the opportunity to improve on existing skills and learn new ways to be effective in their studies.
Social Connection: Students will be encouraged to pursue meaningful relationships with those in their small groups and to embrace their the new possibilities awaiting them.
Please Note: All new students entering TWU with fewer than 27 transfer credits are required to take this course in their first semester of study. For more information about FNDN 101, please contact the Transition Programs Director via the Student Life Office.