Global Projects

Short-term missions for long-term transformation

In Global Projects we desire to do short-term missions for long-term transformation. Our mission is to develop spiritually maturing disciples of Jesus Christ who do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. We do this by equipping students to lead and participate in life-transforming short-term mission trips and by connecting them to local and global opportunities through Missions Week. Our vision is the kingdom of God: students and host communities alike passionately bearing witness to the gospel, embodying justice, mercy, and humility. 

As part of a quality Global Projects trip, participants will consider the questions of justice: WHY did things get to be this way, and why are we participating in God’s mission; mercy: WHO are we becoming, and who are we called to love; and humility: HOW can we help without hurting, and how do we follow and obey God? After the trip is over, participants will be challenged to identify one next step they can take as a result of all that they have learned.  

“There and back again" — Values that shape our trips:

1.   The Kingdom of God:we want to bear witness to the gospel in both word and deed. We believe in the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We believe all Christians are called to participate in God’s work of reconciling all people and all things to himself.   

2.   Prayer and Dependence on God:we want to have a humble and submissive posture as we walk with God. We know we cannot change the world. Prayer is the counter-intuitive means by which we submit to God rather than relying on our own human effort. 

3.   The Global Church: we want to discover the gifts our host communities have to offer. We want to learn how to serve others from an asset-based perspective rather than a needs-based one. We want to go as learners, recognizing that N. Americans are the minority in world Christianity. 

4.   Mutual Relationships & Long-term Partnerships: we want to develop reciprocal friendships. We want to repent of our save-the-world complexes and our fix-it mentalities so that we can enter into true mutuality with others. Where possible, we build lifelong relationships.  

5.   Orientation—Before: we want to be well-educated and prepared before we go. We desire to learn about our partners in ministry as well as the spiritual and justice issues we will be addressing. We seek to increase our cultural intelligence, knowing the vital importance of learning how to effectively communicate across cultures.   

6.   Reflection—During: we want to be actively engaged in learning while on our trips. We take intentional time to talk about what we are experiencing and why we are responding the way we are. On our trips, we seek out local input and educational resources to help us deepen our learning.    

7.   Re-Orientation—After: we want to carry our change forward. We have a strong focus on debriefing and on-going transformation. We aim to understand what God did in and through our trips, and we challenge ourselves to follow through on at least one next step.  

8.   Long-term Transformation:we want to become humble, merciful, and just disciples of Jesus Christ. We recognize that spiritual and social transformation is ultimately God’s work and that it happens over a lifetime. We commit ourselves to following God and participating in His work—in our own lives and in our host communities—long after our trips are over.    

Thanks to the Kilns College Statement of Faith for the last sentence.


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