The tuition rate for the MA Linguistics program for the 2020-2021 academic year is $535 per semester hour, with total tuition being $19,260.


Generous financial aid is available directly from the Canada Institute of Linguistics in the form of scholarships and bursaries. Information on eligibility, deadlines, amounts available and how to apply can be found here.


The Canada Graduate Scholarship Program offers research grants of $17,500 for students applying to, or registered in, a master's program in the social sciences or humanities. For more information including eligibility criteria, visit or email the Financial Aid Office of TWU at


Graduate students in linguistics are eligible to apply for teaching assistant positions for courses which they have successfully completed. In addition to providing students with experience and mentoring in linguistics and teaching, these positions provide an average of 10-15 hours of paid work per week. The Canada Institute of Linguistics offers about 15 TA positions per semester. Graduate students with strong academic performance are typically awarded 2-3 TA positions during their MA program.


One way to save money and time is to begin linguistics courses in the summer program at CanIL. All the linguistics prerequisites (not including foreign language courses) as well as several graduate courses can be completed in the summer session. This is a full semester of university credit condensed into an intense 9-week program, offered at a significantly discounted tuition rate ($255 per semester hour in 2021). This discount is available only for first time students in the summer session. 

To attend the summer session, a separate application to CanIL is required. To find out more about the summer session or to apply, go to the CanIL summer session website or email Financial aid is available for the summer session.