Experiential Learning


Experiential Learning through Research Internships and Clinical Practicums

One of the roles of a nurse is that of scholar, which involves demonstrating a lifelong commitment to excellence in practice through critical inquiry, continuous learning, application of evidence to practice, and support of research activities. The TWU School of Nursing has a strong research culture. 

As members of a community of nurse scholars, undergraduate students have the opportunity to be mentored by award-winning nursing professors who conduct research on a variety of topics related to global and Indigenous health, person-centred care, nursing education and professional practice, philosophy, nursing ethics, spirituality, home health and health promotion.

Scholarship Topics

Research internships and practicums give firsthand experience as do other learning activities such as participating on the School of Nursing research committee or the School of Nursing Indigenous council. TWU nursing students learn through a variety of experiences that bring them into contact with the range of nursing, interprofessional and interdisciplinary ideas and practices that influence health and health care. Clinical placements provide students with opportunities for learning experiences in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and community settings that prepare them to address complex health issues on medical, surgical, pediatric, maternity and mental health units. 

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