Faith-Informed Nursing


The TWU BSN program is unique in Canada in its integration of faith with learning. Our nursing students are encouraged to align personal values with professional goals by exploring how faith can be a resource in times of health and illness for patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

Students will learn about faith-informed nursing applied to various population groups. Questions of meaning, suffering, and faith are explored in relation to acute and chronic illness, aging, palliative care, childbirth, pediatric care, and mental health. Spiritual caregiving is explored through the concept of covenantal caring, which emphasizes caring that has a moral foundation in God’s covenant with humankind.  Covenantal caring encompasses faith-informed commitment, the inestimable value of humans, a compassionate response to human suffering, and support for the flourishing of life. The BSN program provides the opportunity to learn about the spiritual and faith-based practices of those they care for and contemplative practices which can replenish the spirit of the nurse. Elective courses in year three focus on the faith foundations of the profession, person-centred care, and spiritual caregiving for diverse populations.

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Learn more about a recent student engagement project and the results of a survey on BSN students’ understanding of covenantal caring and spirituality. 

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