Jennifer Kerr Graves, MDiv

Associate Chaplain of Discipleship and Pastoral Care

Hometown: Tilbury, ON

Favourite part about the job: The practical integration of psychology and theology; Loving God and Loving People—what gets better than this??

Favourite TWU tradition: Student Ministries Leadership; staff-supported students leading other students in spiritual formation

CliftonStrengths Top 5: Connectedness, Ideation, Futuristic, Strategic, Input

Work History Highlights: Spiritual Director (2007-present); Retreat Leader (2007-present); Listening Post (host of an inner-city retreat space in Vancouver’s DTES); Retreat Centre & Community Development (co-founder and developer of the Rivendell Hermitage Retreat Centre; member, Rivendell Society Board of Directors (member for 9 years; 5 years as Chair)

Enjoys: reading, writing, candle-making, playing strategy and word games; spiritual practices, formation, and development; reading the Bible in its original languages.

Jennifer Kerr Graves loves journeying alongside people as they seek to follow Jesus. She is a passionate lifelong student of the Bible, who particularly enjoys delving into the original languages and the social and cultural world of the Bible. She received her MDiv from Regent College with a concentration in the biblical languages (2010). She has a long experience of pastoral care ministry, particularly through offering Spiritual Direction and leading retreats for personal spiritual formation. She has a deep love of prayer, continually exploring new ways to encounter Christ in all of Life, and engaging daily spiritual practices that draw her and others into a loving and transformative relationship with Christ. She has a passion for social justice which she expresses in her work and relationships with the marginalized and quoting from the prophets.

Raised on a farm in Southwestern Ontario, Jennifer still enjoys spending much time in the outdoors. She enjoys reading (anything), writing (particularly devotionals, spiritual reflection, bible studies, and spiritual formation material) and in-depth Bible study. She also enjoys walks and hikes in our beautiful Pacific West Coast Rainforests and swimming in the ocean, particularly from Bowen Island. She prefers fiction to non-fiction, chocolate to ice-cream, tea to coffee, candle-light to electric, face-to-face over email, writing devotionals to reading them, baking to cooking, swimming to running.

Jennifer is also a TWU alumni (‘98) and was an active student leader. During her time at TWU she served as the Evangelism Prayer Coordinator, an RA, and as Outreach Coordinator. Jennifer has a huge heart for deeply transformative discipleship, and an adventurous spirit. 

BA, Psychology (‘98), Trinity Western University                                                                      

MDiv, Biblical Languages Concentration (2010), Regent College                  

Spiritual Direction Certificate (2015), Art of Spiritual Direction, SoulStream

Publications: Making Space for the Spirit: Developing a Contemplative Christian Retreat Centre (Wipf & Stock Publishers, OR, USA, 2016)