Guidelines for Informed Consent

All applications to conduct research with human participants MUST use the MOST RECENT application form and be submitted Human Research Ethics Board at

Applications from Trinity researchers MUST be managed through a Trinity email address ( or

This is a tool to assist you in writing your consent form, but individual researchers hold the final responsibility for clarity and completeness. If you have questions please feel free to contact the Ethics Compliance Officer at

  • Use simple lay language aimed at a grade eight reading level. Explain any technical terms. Write out all acronyms the first time they appear on each page.
  • Number the pages, i.e., 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc.
  • Include a date as header or footer on every page.  If you make changes in the consent form, you must change the date which then signifies the version number.
  • All information required by the research participant must be included in the consent form.  Do not use attachments or additional information forms.
  • The consent form submitted for review should be in its final form (as it will be seen by the research participant), including letterhead if used. Photocopied letterhead is okay.
  • Spelling and grammar must be corrected before submission for review.
  • The consent form should be written in the second person (use "you" not "I"). The form is being written to the research participant.
  • When submitting revised consent forms to the REB please highlight any changes, whether originating with the investigators or requested by the REB.
  • Any changes to the application or consent form must be approved by the REB before the research begins or continues.
  • A copy of the consent form should be left with the participant (this copy is not required to have spaces for signatures).

Example Consent Form