Maintain HREB Approval

All applications to conduct research with human participants MUST use the MOST RECENT application form and be submitted to the Human Research Ethics Board at

Applications from Trinity Western researchers MUST be managed through a Trinity Western email address ( or

Managing Your Research Project

Approvals for research involving humans are typically granted for one year. If a project will take more than a year, the ethics approval will need to be renewed annually.

It is the responsibility of the Primary Investigator to ensure that all of their HREB approvals are up to date, and that any changes to protocol are approved by the HREB before being implemented. The "Request for Continuing Approval or Amendment" form is used both for annual renewals of existing HREB approvals, and to submit protocol amendments to the HREB for review.

Any adverse or unexpected event must be reported to the HREB using the "Adverse and/or Unexpected Event Report" for documentation and possibly for follow-up.

At the conclusion of all HREB-approved projects, the PI must submit the "Final Project Report."

  Yes No
Do you already have HREB approval for your research? Great! Use the forms on this page to keep your approval accurate and up-to-date. Go to "Create" and "Submit" to get the approvals you need and begin your research.
Do you need more time to complete your data collection with human participants? Use the "Request for Continuing Approval or Amendment" to extend your research period. Use the "Final Project Report" to let the HREB know that you have finished working with your research participants.
Have you encountered something during the course of your research that you hadn't anticipated? Use the "Adverse and/or Unexpected Event Report" to let the HREB know. N/A