Policy and SOPs

Policies + SOPs

This page provides a listing of the policies and standard operating procedures that govern and regulate research with human participants at Trinity Western University.

Policies related to Human Participant Research

Conflict of Interest in Research

Integrity in Scholarship and Research

TWU Open Access Policy

Research Ethics with Human Participants

Standard Operating Procedures

The TWU Human Research Ethics Board Standard Operating Procedures were approved November 2019. They were developed using the N2/CAREB-ACCER REB SOP templates and are in line with national standards. The SOPs are used by the TWU HREB, administered by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, and are expected to be adhered to by all TWU researchers.

Section 100: General Administration

Section 200: HREB Organization

Section 300: Functions and Operations

Section 400: Reviews of Research

Section 500: Reviews Requiring Special Consideration

Section 600: HREB Communication and Notification

Section 700: Informed Consent

Section 800: Responsibilities of Investigators

Section 900: Quality Management