Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) USRA and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) USRA

Summer 2023 Applications Due February 10, 2023

USRA Liaison Officer: Lola IYIOLA, Office of Research

Applications for Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) must be completed and submitted to the Canadian university where you wish to hold an award. CIHR and SSHRC students will apply to the program using the NSERC online system. In the list of recommended applicants, LOs will identify to which agency the application is directed. No applications for university awards may be submitted directly to NSERC.

For CIHR and SSHRC: At the present time, USRAs are exclusively for Black students. Applicants are hereby disclosing that they self-identify as Black and understand that this information will be shared with the institution to which they are applying.

A student may submit only ONE application to the USRA competition. If a student applies for an NSERC USRA, a CIHR USRA, or a SSHRC USRA and is not successful, their application will automatically be considered for a TWU USRA.

Amount of Award: $9,772 ($6,000 NSERC funding, plus $3,772 supplemental funding)

Term of Award: 16 consecutive weeks, on a full-time basis (37.5 hours/week)

TWU CREATE Conference Requirement: USRA recipients are required to present a project at the TWU CREATE Conference in the Spring semester following their award.

Visit NSERC USRA for full details of the program, including application instructions and eligibility.

Online resources

Required Forms & Instructions

  • Instructions for Completing an Application - Form 202
  • NSERC USRA Research Aptitude 2022. Submit this document directly to the Office of Research, as per instructions thereon. Do not submit through the NSERC application portal.
  • Instructions for Official Transcripts (2022): For TWU transcripts, download your official transcript from your Student Portal. For transcripts from other academic institutions, follow that institution’s process for downloading an official transcript, and include with your application. Include the Grading Rubric for each separate institution with your submission.
  • Finally, forward your reference number to your proposed supervisor.

Supervisor Eligibility for CIHR and SSHRC USRAs: Tenure-track faculty in CIHR and SSHRC-eligible disciplines. Potential research supervisors may supervise a MAXIMUM OF TWO students in the NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC, and TWU USRA competitions combined, including co-supervising. If you submit more than TWO applications, the Office of Research will accept the first TWO applications submitted only. Applications over the maximum limit of two will be disqualified from the competition.